Shipping Containers For Hire In Melbourne

Are you based in Melbourne and interested in hiring a shipping container? Look no further than sea containers. Renting a shipping container for the short, medium or long term is a cost-effective alternative to buying a shipping container that you may not use again, and for this reason our rental services are competitively priced. Here at Sea containers, we recommend hiring a shipping container if you’re after a more cost-effective solution to your shipping needs. Needless to say, all our shipping containers available for purchase are of course, also competitively priced because we cater to a broad spectrum of customers. Hiring a shipping container is popular amongst those who work in sectors such as construction, mining, and rail. In saying that, our rental services are not limited to these industries. Whether you’re amongst the general public or not, feel free to enquire about our shipping containers for hire in Melbourne.

Shipping container transport

At Sea containers, we understand that our customers have unique requirements for their intended use, which is why all our shipping containers for lease are available in a variety of different types and sizes to suit the precise requirements that our customers demand. Our weatherproof shipping containers are available in general purpose,dry storage, high cube, refrigerated containers, and much more! Our entire range also meet industry standards, are high quality, and are manufactured to an extremely high standard.

Shipping Container Loading

Are you unsure of what size or type shipping container you need? For more information in regards to hiring a shipping container, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team today. Get in touch with one of our team members to find out more about containers for hire in Melbourne.

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Hire Costs

1 Months+ 6 Months+ 12 Months+
10′ General Purpose $120 $90 $70
20′ General Purpose $120 $90 $70
20′ High Cube Container $165 $130 $115
40′ High Cube Container $175 $135 $115
20′ Refrigerated Container $485* $430* $390*
40′ Refrigerated Container $790* $710* $630*

10 Foot Container

shipping container new 20 ft interior

10′ General Purpose Containers, are available now from most locations. 10′ Containers make the ultimate shed for your home or work site, providing instant security and peace of mind. You can truck 10′ container from work site to work site saving you valuable time and money. If you are squeezed on space and need a fast secure attractive shed, give the team a call or click for a quote today.

20 Foot Container


20′ Shipping Containers are available for hire in a range of colours, and available Australia wide, for Fast Delivery. Hiring a container provides short term storage, whilst keeping your valuables safe while you transport. Hiring a container is a great option if you don’t wish to tie up your capital, or you’re not sure the time frame you will require a container for.

40 Foot Container


The 40′ Container offers the most length and Height of all standard Shipping Containers. Manufactured to the highest standards, and available in a variety of great colours. Sea Containers are sure to have your storage requirements covered.