Used 40 Foot Sea Containers For Sale

Used 40 Ft Shipping Containers

A 40ft (12m) shipping container is generally the largest size container you can acquire. These sea containers can be used for storage of large furniture and machinery, and transport of bulky goods. Take a look through our  used shipping containers types available in 40 feet to see what suits you best.

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Used 40 Ft Shipping Container DimensionsExternal Length (ft. & m)External Width (ft. & m)External Height (ft. & m)
Used 40 Ft General Purpose40 ft (12.192 m)8 ft (2.438 m)8.5 ft (2.592 m)
Used 40 Ft High Cube40 ft (12.192 m)8 ft (2.438 m)9.5 ft (2.896 m)
Used 40 Ft Refrigerated40 ft (12.192 m)8 ft (2.438 m)9.5 ft (2.898 m)

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