Self Pack Container Removals

Halve the Cost with Self-pack

Sea Containers offers you a cost-effective and simple solution for a home or office relocation. Ditch the expensive removalists and inconvenient storage unit, and take the painless self-pack option. You can save up to 50 percent when you choose the self-pack option over conventional removal methods.

We organize the transport and container, so all you have to do is empty the old place, say goodbye, and unpack into your new space! We are also happy to relocate one of your own loaded shipping containers.

If you find a deal that is better, we’ll beat the quote by 5%.





How Self-pack Removal Works

  1. Self pack removalsSea Containers deliver the container to you
  2. You load the container with your items, at your own pace
  3. We collect the container and transport it to your new location
  4. You unload it
  5. We take away the container when you are done with it

Putting Your Loaded Container on Hold

If there is a setback and you require more time, we can hold your loaded sea container at a third party storage depot.

The storage fee is as little as $4.50 a day. So you can take your time, and have the container relocated when you are ready

Container Hire and Purchase Options

If you require some storage space during the course of the house or office move, you can hire out one of our premium sea containers. We hire out top quality 6 metre and 12 metre containers, for a minimum period of a month. You can lease the container for as long you need. Long term hire can be as cheap as $2.30 a day, or $70 a month.

Buying a sea container may be costly, but with the numerous benefits, and advantageous tax depreciation, this is one investment you won’t regret! We sell a range of new and used, specialised and general purpose sea containers in 3, 6, and 12 metres. We also offer a variety of container modifications and accessories to alter the container according to your needs. Your storage container can be modified to include air vents, windows, doors and even a new coat of paint.

Truck Type and Loading Requirements

Our trucks are available to deliver, collect and relocate sea containers anywhere in Australia! Please note that our trucks need at least a 3 metre width to enter, load and unload the containers.

Here are the different types of trucks we use for sea container transport.

Tilt trays

The tilt tray is the most common mode of container transport. Like tow trucks and tip trucks, the tilt tray tips its tray, and drives forth to allow the container to slide off onto the ground.

A 20’ tilt tray delivery requires 15 metres length.


The side-loader features a swing lift to hook onto and pick up the container from its sturdy corner casts.  This truck requires at least 14 metres length to make a container delivery.

Hiab Cranes

Hiab trucks have stabilizer arms that balance their crane arm when picking up and setting down containers. A 20’ Hiab truck requires 10 metres length and a 40’ Hiab requires 15 metres length to unload.

Tilt Semis

The tilt semi is akin to the tilt tray, but greater in length. These trays transport containers that are too long for the tilt tray, and so require at least 20 metres to unload.

Flat bed

The flat bed is used for the delivery of larger containers, and is usually a cost-effective option, however, a crane or forklift is required to load and unload the containers. It is best to allow for 15 metres length for the container offloading.

Council Sea Container Regulations

Although most local councils do not demand applications for non permanent structures like sea container, there are a select that need information on such additions.

It is best to contact your council to see if an application is required.

Need Help? Don’t wait!

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