Bolster 40 Feet Used Sea Containers For Sale

40 bolster used sea container

Tough 40 Feet Bolster Shipping Containers

Our tough, corten steel 40 ft bolster sea containers are cost-effective, resilient and long lasting. Bolster containers are ideal for transporting heavy and oversized items – that do not require coverage – in a safe and secure manner. These Australian owned bolsters can be stacked 5 at a time on empty transport, without any issue on the turns, and transport up to 30,000kg. 40 ft bolsters are best for large items that are unable to fit on the 20 ft bolster shipping containers. Our bolster containers are durable and certain for last for years.

  • Authorised for inter-modal freight
  • Stack 5 at a Time
  • Affordable Cargo Solution
  • Available Across Western Australia
  • Varying Grades, Suited for Different Budgets
  • Next Day Delivery Available

Bolster 40 Foot Container Dimensions

Dimensions for Used 40 Foot Bolster Shipping ContainerDimensions & Sizes in Feet and Metres (ft. & m)
External Dimensions for Used 40 Ft Bolster
Length External40 ft (12.192 m)
Width External8 ft (2.438 m)
Height External0.66 ft (0.23 m)
Weight of Used 40 Ft Bolster
Mass Gross Weight32,500 kg

Our Main Hotspots Around Western Australia 

We stock our sea containers in container parks all across the state. With our fleet of trucks, numerous links with reliable transport contractors, and speedy processing, most containers will find you within a day!

Here are the locations we deliver to include: