New High Cube Pallet Wide 40 Feet Sea Containers For Sale

20 high cube pallet wide sea container

High Cube Pallet Wide 40 Feet Shipping Containers

40 ft high cube pallet wide sea containers provide extra space, easy accessibility and a bonus 1.5 ft in height. As these shipping containers are built with smaller walls, you can expect an improvement in width. These shipping containers can hold 2 pallets side by side, and stock up greater quantities. High cube pallet wide 40 ft shipping containers are sturdy, weatherproof, vermin-proof, dry, and secure, providing a lifetime of protection for your goods.

redtickFits 2 Pallets
redtickExtra 1.5 Feet in Height
redtickAuthorised for inter modal freight
redtickAffordable Storage and Cargo Solution
redtickAvailable Across Western Australia
redtickVarying Grades, Suited for Different Budgets
redtickNext Day Delivery Available
redtickLockable and Secure
redtickDry and Weatherproof

Our new sea containers, also known as one trip containers, come with an impeccable paintjob and an immaculate façade; and, because they are new, they can be transported and shipped internationally for 5 years from the manufacture date without any need for re surveyor.

Our Main Hotspots Across Western Australia

We stock our sea containers in container parks all across the state. With our fleet of trucks, numerous links with reliable transport contractors, and speedy processing, most containers will find you within a day!

Here are the locations we deliver to include: