Create an Ideal Container Space

We provide a range of accessories to increase the value and functionality of your sea container. If you have a modified sea container you will require some of the following accessories. Whether it’s extra security, ventilation or a storage solution, our container add-ons will help you achieve the container you need.

Sea Containers offers the following container accessories:


lockbox modificationCPC Platewhirlybird modificationAir vents

Custom PaintSignageAdditional Container DoorsPersonal Access Doors

Roller DoorswindowsElectrical FitoutRamps

shelving modification


The lockbox encompasses the padlock on the door to your container, ensuring extra protection for your items, and protection from the elements for your padlock. The Sea Container lockbox is a steel frame that prevents the strongest bolt cutters from taking off the lock. As the modification is according to ISO specs, shipping is allowed.
We offer standards lockboxes, sliding lockboxes, and slimline lockboxes.
The Container Safe Certification plate (CSC) is attached to the container upon manufacture. These safety plates show that you meet IICL standards, and can transport cargo interstate and overseas. Although you won’t need to worry about the CSC plate when buying from us, before buying a used container, it is essential to inspect it for wear and tear. Attaining this standardised safety plate proves that your container is up to date with the IICL requirements.
modification cscplate
The whirlybird add-on helps improve the circulation in your container, and delivers cooling to areas that cannot have air conditioning. The whirlybird assists in lowering high temperature and killing odour. It does not require much electricity, making it a suitable choice in instances of minimal to zero power supply. For optimum ventilation, vents should also be installed. The whirly bird comes in two forms, the powered and unpowered form, and is easily mounted.
You can get rid of nasty odours, normalise indoor temperature, and achieve a natural air flow, by installing air vents in your container. The vents sit parallel to one another, on either side of the container, allowing for movement of air, in and through the container. This movement of air helps create a comfortable environment inside the container, decreasing humidity, and halting moisture growth.
The façade of your container is an indirect reflection of your brand or business, and needs to be maintained. Sea Containers can restore the exterior of your container with a custom paint job, and ensure that your reputation is maintained! We offer a range of high quality paint colours to choose from. Painting your container reduces the chance of rust, and improves the appearance, which in turn improves outward perspective.
Container signage is a cheap and clever way to market your product or service. Our custom signage is tailored to suite your commercial demands and budget. This niche offline marketing solution means that you can increase brand awareness using striking, billboard-sized advertisements, without paying for a billboard ad. Strategically placing the containers in empty, profitable areas. Unlike a billboard, a container can be moved, modified, repurposed and even resold.
Here at Sea Containers we enable you to upgrade on the functionality of your shipping container, by installing additional single or double doors. The easy accessibility allows for faster loading and unloading, and may be required for moving in large items that cannot be moved through the end of the container. Additional doors can also allow you to partition the container into two and create two separate compartments for business or work.
In order to maintain the security of your container, and retain easy, regular access to your modified container, consider installing a flush fitting personnel access door. These pre-fabricated steel doors can be installed on either side of the container, can be opened either side, and locked, deadlocked, to protect your investment.
You can also install an overhead drip ledge to keep you dry, when you exit, in wet weather.
Roller doors are installed to allow forklift access, and easy unloading and loading of bulk items. These metal doors are composed of weatherproof horizontal slats, which effortlessly roll up and down.
If you require automatic doors, don’t fret, we have you covered. Sea Containers can offer the motorised roller door, which is opened and closed with a remote control. Regardless of your choice, you have the option of installing the roller door on the side of the container, or at the end, in place of the original container door.
For many containers, especially modified occupied containers, such as workshop, bathroom, kitchenette, canteen, and accommodation containers, you will need to install a window or two. Sea Containers offers you this small but important add-on to the list. Container windows are composed of an aluminium frame, which allows them to slide open effortlessly. Windows allows natural light and air to enter into the container and make it a comfortable occupying space. In places like canteens, where cooking occurs, this is of grave necessity. We also do shutters and security grills, if you require them. Our windows come in a range of sizes, and can be positioned anywhere on the side of the container.
Most of your modified container spaces will require electrical fittings, including lighting, air conditioning, power points, and phone outlets. Sea Containers ensures safe and practical wiring, installed by own qualified electricians. Increase the utility of your container space with this handy add-on. Office and workshop containers would require this upgrade to create a comfortable working environment; equipped with lights, internet, and power points for charging for devices.
Our container ramps are a useful accessory, enabling forklift and trolley access for loading and unloading. Ramps come in standard sizing, or custom made to fit onto the mouth of your container. Container ramps not only improve accessibility, they decrease the chance of accidents. You can select between a high weight-capacity ramp, or a light weight, portable ramp. Both types of ramps come in a number of customisations and options.
Shelving is a handy addition to most of our modified containers, including the kitchenette, workshop, bathroom, and office spaces. It is a good storage solution, and a great way to keep organised. We can configure the shelving to suit your personal or business requirements. We give you the option to install the shelving yourself, or acquire the serviced of our experienced handyman to do the job for you. Multiple tiered shelving is available if need it.