Pallet Wide Sea Containers

Pallet wide containers are designed to fit 2 Australian pallets side-by-side. They provide additional flexibility and ease to handle goods quickly. They are ideal for palletised good and frequent shipment. Pallet wide containers are also perfect for goods requiring forklift loading.

  • Accommodates 2 standard Australian pallets
  • Sturdy, weatherproof, and dry
  • Available in a number of colours

At Sea Container, you can buy or hire a pallet wide container with different size dimensions.  We have both used and new containers available for you. You can always find the best container size to fit your purpose. We also provide different variations of pallet wide containers that meet your requirements. You would always find high-quality services with affordable prices at Sea Container.

Types of Pallet Wide Sea Containers

Our customers require sea containers for a range of uses. So we offer two types of flat racks, available new and used, in order to better accommodate you.

Pallet wide sea containers available:

  • 20’ High Cube Pallet Wide Sea Containers
  • 40’ High Cube Pallet Wide Sea Containers

Pallet Wide Sea Container Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions for Pallet WideDimensions & Sizes in feet & metres (ft. & m)
Shipping Containers Sizes20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)
External Dimensions for Pallet Wide Container
Length External20 ft (6.056 m) 40 ft (12.192 m)
Width External8 ft (2.438 m)8 ft (2.438 m)
Height External9.5 ft (2.896 m)9.5 ft (2.896 m)
Internal Dimensions for Pallet Wide Container
Length Internal19.4 ft (5.902 m)39.5 ft (12.036 m)
Width Internal7.85 ft (2.392 m)7.85 ft (2.392 m)
Height Internal8.9 ft (2.698 m)8.9 ft (2.698 m)
Weight of Pallet Wide Shipping Container2,340 kg3,860 kg
Mass Gross Weight30,480 kg30,480 kg
Shipping Containers Available:20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)

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